A Protective
Second Skin

Supple, exceptionally thin and soft to the touch, Facembrace is the perfect comfort complement for CPAP masks*. It’s designed to protect you from a range of discomforts related to wearing a CPAP mask overnight, including strap marks.

Its breathable, lightweight and flexible material makes it feel like you’re not wearing a mask while you sleep. Plus, it  can be used with all popular CPAP mask brands.

* The Facembrace is a comfort accessory and doesn't replace any breathing mask or CPAP

Facembrace Comfort Accessory (sleep apnea)


Protection without compromising on comfort

Protect your health and that of your loved ones and community with the Facembrace® protective mask. Thanks to its unique design and high-quality materials, it perfectly fits to your face, stays securely in place and allows you to breathe easily.

This reusable, easy-to-maintain mask provides the optimal protection you’re looking for and is also gentle on the skin and very comfortable.

Facembrace Protection Mask (anti-projection)


From the Comfort Zone

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What Customers Had to Say About Their Facembrace Experience

Facembrace User testimony man old

Jules L.

Quebec, Canada

‘‘I was curious to try the Facembrace, even though my respiratory therapist hadn't heard of it. I was delighted by this innovative product! I have never stopped using it since...’’

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Facembrace User testimony woman

Nathalie D.

Quebec, Canada

"From the very beginning, I was very pleased by Rheabrio's customer service and the quality of the product. I honestly love my Facembrace in every way! Air leaks from my breathing mask really irritated my eyes..."

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Facembrace user testimony man businessman

Robert M.

Quebec, Canada

"The Facembrace has made a huge difference for me. It protects my skin, so my mask feels more comfortable on my face. I've had trouble with feeling the plastic of the mask directly on my skin..."

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